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Saying goodbye to your beloved four-legged companion is never easy. RCHS understands how difficult that decision is and want you to know that we provide caring, compassionate, and respectful euthanasia for your pet. Our Wellness Clinic offers humane euthanasia by appointment only. Please call us at 970-457-8002 for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

RCHS does provide cremation services following euthanasia or if your pet passes at home. Prices vary depending on the type and weight of animal, and whether the cremation is private (ashes returned to owner) or communal (with other animals). If your pet passes at home, no appointment is necessary to bring the animal to the shelter.

Cremation fees

Pet Weight
Communal Cremation
Communal Cremation with Ashes
Individual Cremation
under 10 lbs
11-25 lbs
26-50 lbs
51-75 lbs
76-99 lbs
100 lbs

*100+ lbs  Add $1.25 per pound

Finished Urns


Thank you for trusting RCHS with your beloved companion— we treat each pet as if it were our own.

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