Sponsor a Dog Kennel

At the animal shelter, the Routt County Humane Society spends almost $47,000 per year on medical assistance, spay/neuter, and advertising of shelter animals. The sponsorship program provides a great opportunity for families, community groups and companies to support the shelter animals.

Last year 675 dogs came through our shelter. 465 of them were lost dogs that were returned to their owners.

This left over 200 dogs that needed to find new homes. Many needed to be spayed or neutered before they were adopted and some had medical conditions that required veterinary care.

  • Sponsor a Dog Kennel as an individual or family
  • Share sponsorship of a Dog Kennel
  • Sponsor a Dog Kennel as a gift for a special occasion
  • Sponsor a Dog Kennel in honor of a special friend
  • Sponsor a Dog Kennel as a memorial for a special friend or pet
  • Organize a sponsorship with your work colleagues
  • Encourage your children to organize a sponsorship as a school project