The Yellow Dog Project at RCHS


Dogs with a yellow ribbon have special needs.
Give them a little room!

Dogs wearing a yellow ribbon are sending a friendly reminder to give them space. It could be that they have fear issues, are senior, have recently had medical issues, are working on some extra training, or something else. So, if you notice the ribbon, ask before you approach or touch.

Reasons for a yellow ribbon: HEART

H ealth

E lderly

A nxiety

R ehabilitation

T raining


Do you think your Fido could benefit from a yellow ribbon? Look for updates on when you can pick up a complimentary yellow ribbon at the shelter!


Project Background

The Yellow Dog Project is an international movement for owners of dogs who need space. The goal is to educate the public to identify dogs needing space, promote appropriate contact of dogs and assist dog parents to identify if their dog needs space from other dogs or people.

Yellow dogs are not necessarily aggressive but more often are dogs that may be fearful, painful from recent injury or surgery, or are a rescue or shelter dog who has not yet had sufficient training or time to work on being comfortable in different places.

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