Shelter Programs


Adoption Program


Feral/Barn Cat Program


Foster Program

Animal Transfer Program

As kennel and cage space allows, RCHS extends its live-saving mission by transferring animals into RCHS from crowded shelters and rescues. RCHS works with many of our shelter and rescue partners to ensure companion animals have every chance of finding their “furever” home through this collaborative effort to save lives.

Behavior & Enrichment Program

RCHS conducts behavior evaluations on all dogs entering the shelter. Behavior-modification plans to include training tips are created based on an animal’s observed behavior in the shelter and from owner reports. To keep animals happy and healthy, RCHS provides high levels of enrichment to keep the animals engaged and to encourage positive interactions and learning.

Safe Haven

RCHS in partnership with the City of Steamboat Springs and the Routt County Sheriff’s department provides sheltering, food, and care for up to two weeks, for the pets of victims of fires, medical emergencies, domestic violence, or other emergency situations that might otherwise leave pets homeless. If you need to utilize this service, please call the humane society at 970-879-7247 or dispatch at 970-879-1144 to reach out to the animal control officer and begin this process.

RCHS Veterinary Program

Stray and homeless animals, owner relinquished animals, and animals transferred in from crowded shelters are made available to the community for adoption. All adopted animals are spayed/neutered and given age-appropriate vaccinations as part of the comprehensive medical care provided to each animal in the shelter. Adoption fees include microchips, and a free 7-day follow-up visit with a veterinarian.

Surrender Program

At the Routt County Humane Society, we understand that there are many reasons why you may need to surrender your pet. We want to respect your decision and treat you and your pet with compassion and empathy during this process. We will take animals from all walks of life that we are contractually allowed, however if you got your pet from another organization, we recommend checking with them first, as continuity of care can make a pet’s journey easier overall and they can have a more complete medical and behavioral history. 

While we understand this process is difficult and emotional, we encourage complete honesty as this will help us better understand your pet and find them appropriate placement where they will be safe, happy, and comfortable. 

If you are able to rehome your pet yourself, we recommend Rehome by Adopt a Pet. You can submit your pet’s profile, review applications and be guided through the adoption process. If you would like to do this rather than bring your pet into the humane society, reach out to us for a referral code to reduce/waive the listing fee. For more information on Rehome, click here.


Community Programs


Community Food Bank


Community Wellness Clinic


End of Life/Cremation Services


Pet Behavior Assistance


Yellow Dog Project



Animal Licensing

Routt County and the City of Steamboat Springs require that your pets be licensed annually. The licensing revenue supports RCHS’ operation costs. Having a current license displayed on your animals collar helps animal control officers get your animal back home if they were to become lost. The annual cost for a license is $5 for animals that are spayed/neutered, $25 if the animal is intact.

Financial Assistance

As grant funding allows, RCHS may be able to provide limited financial assistance to income-qualified families in Routt County for medical emergencies. Pre-approval is required and if the service can be provided by the RCHS Wellness Clinic, up to $250 per animal, per instance, may be available. For emergencies that cannot be accommodated by the RCHS Wellness Clinic, financial assistance may be approved to local veterinarians for the pet’s care for the same amount. Approved funding is provided by RCHS directly to the participating veterinarian.

Local Dog Organizations & Resources


Steamboat Digs Dogs works with the Police Department, Animal Control, the Department of Wildlife, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the City Council in efforts to restore Steamboat’s long-practiced lifestyle of recreating with our dogs in a voice and sight control manner at neighborhood parks and city trails.

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To offer genuine nonjudgmental, touching animal-assisted therapy program to medical facilities, elementary schools, libraries, senior citizen centers, extended care and rehabilitation centers. Our purpose is simply stated: “to bring comfort and smiles to all those encountered.”

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Steamboat Springs Animal Control consists of two full-time officers who are responsible for enforcing animal ordinances of the City of Steamboat Springs Municipal Code. Animal Control Officers (ACOs) respond to calls for animal complaints including: dogs at large, animal bites, animal cruelty, vicious animals and barking dogs.
In addition, the ACOs handle calls relating to horses, cattle, and all domestic/pet animals.

Daily duties include investigations, daily, monthly and annual reports, issuing citations and warnings, and patrol. Their presence within the community provides public education as well as enforcement.  More Information: | 970-879-1144

Rehome by Adopt a Pet

Rehome by Adopt a Pet is a secure online platform that helps people independently find new, safe, and loving homes for dogs or cats. Rehome gives pets a chance of finding the right family, while reducing surrenders too.  Since its launch, Rehome has helped over 145,000 pets in need find the right families (without adding to the shelter population). 

How does it work? 

It’s a simple and secure process. People who need to rehome pets can create an account on Adopt a Pet, pay a small (one-time) listing fee per pet, and create their pet’s profile. From there they can review applications and find the right home for their pet. Reach out to the humane society for a referral code to get a discount on the listing fee. 

Click here to list your pet on Adopt a Pet.

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