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Help Us Make the Dream a Reality!

RCHS is continuing to develop programs and acquire resources that are needed to improve the well-being of our community pets.

In 2021 RCHS purchased a mobile spay-neuter/disaster response trailer to provide veterinary care and/or triage capabilities for disasters in the rural areas and outlying communities of northwest Colorado.

The trailer is on it’s way but we still need your help to raise the necessary funds to staff and run this life-saving program.

In 2018, RCHS engaged an outside consultant to conduct a community assessment of pet-related services that were available in Routt County. One of the major challenges identified in the survey was the high cost of veterinary care given the level of poverty in the rural communities and the lack of medical resources available in these areas. It was determined there was a need in the broader Routt County communities, such as Oak Creek, Hayden, Yampa, Clark, Milner, and other Northwest Colorado areas that RCHS could help address, and this is where you come in!

Our new fully equipped, spay-neuter/disaster response trailer enables RCHS to take its services “on the road” and to expand our reach beyond Steamboat Springs. This trailer gives us the ability to hold sterilization and vaccination clinics in underserved communities while also being available to mobilize veterinary services in disaster situations or other crisis where companion animals are in need. Currently, Routt County does not have a fully equipped surgical suite available to triage animals in crisis situations and, as with any disaster, damage mitigation is always a fast response to the situation. The multi-faceted uses of a fully equipped surgical suite would provide a much-needed service to the outlying communities.

Won’t you please help us fund the operations provided by the trailer so we can save even more lives and provide services throughout Northwest Colorado?

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