Shelter Integration Project – We Have Arrived!

As of 1 May 2015 we have taken on the management and day to day running of the animal shelter at 760 Critter Ct.  

We are grateful to the City of Steamboat Springs and Routt County for giving us this opportunity and to Jennifer Good and Krista Amatuzio for assisting with the transition of the shelter from city to the Routt County Humane Society.  We are also fortunate for the continued support of all our local veterinarians and look forward to working with Animal Assistance League of Northwest Colorado on spay/neuter projects.

We are slowly bringing it all together with new shelter management software, microchipping of all adopted animals and jumping into a dog yard improvement project, funded and built by City of Steamboat Springs.   We look forward starting new volunteer programs, dog training programs, community programs, and helping animals find their forever homes in the weeks and months to come.   And of course, we are always looking for donations to help us improve the lives of shelter animals.

Here are few of the newspaper articles that described our progress.

28 December 2014 • Steamboat Pilot

Yes, we do appreciate the great work done by City animal shelter staff and we will have much to learn from them as we make this transition.  And, “thank you” to the Steamboat Pilot for their encouraging editorial.

Our View: Dogs have owners; cats have staff

11 December 2014 • Steamboat Pilot

Further meetings and support from City Council has created common ground for discussions and a verbal understanding with the City of Steamboat Springs to move forward with an agreement for RCHS to operate and manage the animal shelter, providing animal shelter services.

Routt County Humane Society poised to take over control of Steamboat’s animal shelter in May

23 September 2014 • Steamboat Pilot

RCHS began talking to the City of Steamboat Springs in September to reopen a discussion that had begun in 2013. For the last 12 years, RCHS has worked closely with the shelter, paying for the majority of animal care, covering when there is a short staff so the shelter can remain open for citizens to adopt and retrieve their lost animals, and providing extra services such as on-site veterinary care.  Now we want to increase our involvement.

Routt County Humane Society wants to take over animal shelter