RCHS provides the following programs at the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter (a City of Steamboat Springs facility). These programs help our community by reducing the unwanted pet population and reducing the number of animals surrendered to the shelter.

View our 2015 Annual Report for the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) .

Animal Holding Facility

The Routt County Humane Society serves as a holding facility for animals picked up by Animal Control Officers. Animals that are picked up by ACOs are held and returned to owner, if owned, and listed for adoption if un-owned. Animals on bite-holds are quarantined for 10 days. This program serves the entire County.

Spay/Neuter and Micro-chipping

All adoptable shelter animals are spayed/neutered and micro-chipped prior to adoption. This program serves all un-owned animals in Routt County and all adopters.

Adoption Program

Un-owned strays and relinquished animals are made available to the community for adoption. Owners are screened prior to adoption.

Transfer-in Program

When room allows, RCHS transfers animals from overcrowded shelters to our under-utilized facility to increase adoption and save lives. We would like to thank Mountain Pet Rescue for partnering with us to bring animals into RCHS and for helping us to develop our Transfer-in Program.

Routine Veterinary Care for Shelter Animals

RCHS is fortunate to have Dr. Kim Radway visit the shelter twice per week to perform check-ups, administer vaccinations and provide routine treatment for animals in the care of the shelter.

Emergency & Critical Veterinary Care

RCHS provides funds for emergency care are provided to reduce euthanasia of un-owned animals that need more than routine care.

Low-income Spay/Neuter

Apply for Financial Assistance

RCHS provides financial assistance to low-income families in Routt County on a three-tiered sliding scale, based on family size and household income as a percentage of poverty level.

Qualifying household income as a percentage of the federal poverty level 125% 165% 200%
Cat neuter cost for qualified clients $15 $25 $35
Cat spay cost for qualified clients $25 $35 $45
Dog neuter cost for qualified clients $40 $50 $60
Dog spay cost for qualified clients $50 $60 $70

RCHS pays the remainder of the cost for the surgeries, which are provided by local veterinarians at a 25% discount.

Low-income Veterinary Assistance

Apply for Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to income-qualified families (below 200% of federal poverty level) for medical veterinary care. Individuals or families may apply directly to RCHS or through referral by local veterinarians. The level of assistance is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Spay/Neuter Coupon Program

This program is intended for families and individuals with low income but who do not quite qualify for the sliding scale low-income programs. RCHS offers $80 vouchers that clients may use toward spay/neuter surgeries through any of the local veterinary hospitals. A limited number of $75 vouchers are also available to anyone in the community in honor of World Spay Day each year.

Feral Cat Program

RCHS works to reduce the feral cat population in Routt County by trapping and neutering animals at the request of citizens. This service is available countywide.

Safe Haven

RCHS provides shelter, food, exercise and care for up to two weeks free of charge for the pets of victims of fire, medical emergencies, domestic abuse or other extraordinary situations that might otherwise leave pets stranded.

Shelter Dog Training

RCHS an on-staff professional trainer that visits the shelter two to three times per week to assist staff with training to reduce behavioral problems, increase adoptability, and enrich the lives of shelter dogs. This program serves all shelter dogs and adopters.

Rainbow Bridge Project (crematorium)

RCHS operates the only animal crematorium in Routt County. The proceeds from crematorium operations are used to fund expenses and to benefit shelter animals. A Board that consists of representatives from RCHS, the City of Steamboat Springs, and the NW Colorado Animal Assistance League makes the decisions regarding the expenditure of these funds.

Volunteer and Foster Program

RCHS screens and trains volunteers willing to foster un-owned animals that are waiting for adoption and have have been at the shelter for an extended period. This helps to socialize the animals and make them more adoptable. Volunteers also assist with dog walking and training, fundraising, transporting animals, bookkeeping, cleaning, greeting customers and other shelter activities.