The Routt County Humane Society, Inc., (RCHS) is a 501(c)3 organization, established in 1985 to serve the welfare of animals in Routt County, Colorado.  Since its inception, RCHS has worked in partnership with the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter (SSAS), a facility of City of Steamboat Springs to provide veterinary care for shelter animals as well as spay/neuter to reduce future unwanted pet population. We have also become a source of assistance for low income family pets.

Gradually, RCHS became further integrated into the operations at the shelter by funding routine and emergency veterinary services for shelter animals and providing volunteer staffing. Taking over the management of the facility was the next logical step for the organization.

On May 1, 2015 RCHS assumed full responsibility for the operation and management of the only animal shelter in Routt County. In doing so, RCHS went from being an all-volunteer non-profit with a budget of $80,000 and no office, to an organization with three full-time employees, a budget of over $300,000 and an animal shelter to run. Under its former management by the Steamboat Springs Police Department, the shelter was operated primarily as a holding facility. RCHS has changed that focus, expanded the programs and hours of operation, and has transformed the facility into a full-service adoption center that serves the community and reflects its values.

A group of animals lovers in Routt County came together to form RCHS.
RCHS helped raise funds for the the new SSAS.
RCHS began publication of our quarterly newsletter to educate pet owners and acknowledge donations.
Spay/neuter clinics sponsored by RCHS (through 2003).
RCHS helped raise funds to build a pet crematorium at SSAS. RCHS began participating in Spay Day USA (now World Spay Day) by providing spay/neuter coupons for pet owners.
RCHS began spay/neuter program for pets from low-income families.
When the State of Colorado passed legislation requiring that all shelter animals be spayed/neutered prior to adoption, RCHS accepted the responsibility of managing and funding this obligation for the City of Steamboat Springs.
RCHS began our successful, yearly Yampa Valley Pet Calendar fundraiser.
Steamboat Springs was designated Dog Town USA by Dog Fancy Magazine, who donated $5000 to RCHS.
RCHS contracted a local veterinarian to provide medical treatment for shelter animals on-site at SSAS.
On May 1, 2015 RCHS assumed full responsibility for the operation and management of the only animal shelter in Routt County.
RCHS moved into satellite office space and set up a new surgery suite.
RCHS hired our first full-time shelter veterinarian and started offering low-cost veterinary services to the community, establishing our Wellness Clinic.

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